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Asbestos Regulations

As of January 2016, there is a new policy in Oregon that is being enforced by the DEQ. Any and all items potentially tarnished with asbestos are to be proven safe before taken to the dump.

Here's how the process goes: Any sheet rock, lath, plaster, or anything that looks like these items, must be tested a laboratory before they will be accepted at the transfer station. This means a sample of each item must be placed in a sealed bag, then taken to a laboratory (there are many locations around the Portland area). You can contact Metro Recycling to find the nearest one to you. Of course, we can do this, but we will have to charge a small fee for our time in order to do so.

If the tests are negative, and there is no asbestos in the material sample, we can remove the rest of it at no extra cost (as long as you have the proper paper work).

If the tests come out positive, there is an arduous process that needs to happen before it can be removed. These situations are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, and any details will need to be discussed once this situation occurs.

Essentially, each individual material affected by asbestos will have to be individually bagged, labeled and separated from anything else. It can be taken to one one location in the area (the Hillsboro Landfill), and only on certain days. The landfill also charges their own fee for accepting asbestos-positive material.

All other hazardous materials, we simply cannot remove. This means paint, oil, car batteries, cleaning products, excessive amounts of light bulbs or any other liquid hazmat.

For more information on Oregon Asbestos Compliance, visit the section of the DEQ's website that tests positive for asbestos information.

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