Buddy’s Junk Removal and Recycling

About Buddy

Buddy (yes, that is his real name) was born in Portland, OR, attended Scappoose High School and was part of the 2000 AAA High School Football Championship Team. Between playing bass in a local rock group, spending time with his wife and raising his two year old son, Buddy runs a junk removal and recycling business. Having worked in the junk hauling business for over ten years, Buddy started his own company in 2015, Buddy's Junk Removal and Recycling.

Buddy's small but competent team of professionals will arrive at your location with their truck, ready to fill it up with your unwanted stuff. From garages full of junk, to backyards being monopolized by broken hot tubs and old BBQ stoves, Buddy's Junk Removal and Recycling is ready to turn your house back into the functional, junk-free living quarters that it was meant to be. If you're feeling lonely, go ahead and contact Buddy. He's a real person, ready to remove your unwanted junk!

971-300-FLAT (3528)